Thursday, May 7, 2009

GiveWay - Lost In This Song

GiveWay's third album, Lost In This Song, is markedly different from their previous releases. Produced by Phil Cunningham, the quartet explores new territory with strong Nashville and funk sounds. Four of the five vocal tracks would be perfectly at home on Country stations throughout the U.S. Lead singer Kristy Johnson really hits her stride on the upbeat breakup song "This One's On You" and the traditional "The Water Is Wide." The latter features a simple musical arrangement that allows her voice to soar over the melody and provides a beautiful close to the album.

The instrumental tracks, most composed by Fiona Johnson, push the boundaries even further. After giving a nod to their roots on the gentle "Violets," the quartet launches into a fantastic fusion of traditional and contemporary sounds. Fiddle and accordion are backed by electric guitar riffs, driving drum beats and funky bass popping. One has the sense that the reins have been dropped and the band has been allowed to run free. The stellar tracks "Lofty's" and "Beginning Set" really showcase the quartet's musical skills and maturity. Lost In This Song is an invigorating journey that promises even greater adventures down the road.

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