Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Crooked Fiddle Band = Crazy Fun

The Crooked Fiddle Band is an Australian band that has totally set me on fire! They play gypsy punk and it is crazy fun!! Their frenetic music is fueled by virtuosic fiddler Jess Randall, though she is very ably accompanied by Gordon Wallace (guitar, bouzouki, mandolin), Mark Stevens (double bass, charango), and Joe Gould (drum kit, junk, and traditional percussion). Their music combines elements of Middle Eastern, Celtic, Latin, and swing into fiery & occasionally sultry gypsy melodies.

They have two 6-track EP's out: The first is called, quite simply, EP (2006) and the second is Rise (2008). EP features one very passionate slow piece ('The Drowned Sun') and the rest of the pieces are at varying speeds of manic. "Fire Swing" and "The Butcher of Bessarabia" are my favorite pieces from EP. Rise showcases a greater range of music. It features 2 delightfully slower tracks ("Rain in the Morning" and "Angelique"), a totally wacky vocal track ("Run Leroy Run") and a 9 minute experimental extravaganza ("Rise of the Sapiens"). Whether fast or slow, their musical prowess is fantastic.

Their Last.fm page offers 2 free downloads - a track from each EP. Definitely give them a listen.

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